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Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Air Purifier

क्या सही में Air Purifier हमारे परिवार के फायदेमदं है ?
ईस सवाल का जवाब को ईन सारी  Videos मील जाऐगा ।

Dr Mahesh Sharma (Minister of Forests and Climate Change )  

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 The AIR we breathe contains the most poisonous of substances, since they are INVISIBLE, we do not take it seriously..... Let's have a look at some facts about air: We inhale 11,000L of air everyday A sneeze travels at 160 Km/Hour - it infects us before a blink of an eye We spend more time indoors than outdoors and we breathe more volume of air indoors than we do outdoors everyday Current air pollution level is equivalent to smoking 10 to 20 cigarettes a day There are more allergic elements Indoor than Outdoor Indoor air pollution is the No.1 cause of poor health in India - Hindustan Times (March 5) 1/3rd of world's asthma patients are from India - WHO Report 93% of leave days are due to cold, cough and other respiratory diseases - National Bureau of disease Lungs of most Urban children are under developed - Hindustan Times (June 2015) Of the world's most 20 polluted cities, 13 are in India - WHO Report General Specifications • Plasmacluster Ion Generator, HEPA & Pre Filter can trap upto 0.3 micron particles, HAZE Mode, • capable of NEUTRALISING secondary sources of PM2.5 particles • A balanced mix of Active & Passive Air Purification with Plasmacluster Ion Technology • Suitable for 24 x 7 operation • Coverage Area: 220 sq feet • Filter Life: upto 2 years (depending on the nature of the environment) • Power Consumption: max 51W • Noise Level: max 47db • ON SITE WARRANTY - 2 YEARS

Features & details
 Plasmacluster Ion Generator restores the balance of ions in the Air to refresh the premises. Humidifies the air for improved quality of air in Cold Weather. Purifies and humidifies the Coverage area upto 220 sq Feet. Creates Same Level of Freshness as in forest. Displays and Monitors the level of Dust and Humidity in the room.

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